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1Mobile Market
1Mobile Market 2.9.7

1Mobile Market is an alternative app store designed for Android smartphones and tablets. All Android devices running Android 4.4 or above can install this app store. Before moving onto a review, it's important to note the app store must be sideloaded. Potential users won't find this one available in the Google Play Store. Thousands upon thousands of apps are available in this store, and the selection continues to improve. As an alternative app store, 1Mobile Market might be the right option for some users.

An Overview of 1Mobile Market and What It Provides Users

After sideloading 1Mobile Market, Android device owners can access a whole new world of apps. Plenty of the store's apps aren't found on other platforms like the Google Play Store. Hundreds of new apps are added each month, and many of them come from other regions around the world. Therefore, users gain access to a diverse ecosystem of apps, many of which are high quality and quite useful. A powerful search engine makes it so that users can always find the types of apps they want to download with ease.

Standout features of 1Mobile Market include a large selection of Chinese-language apps. The Google Play Store doesn't contain a ton of such apps. However, 1Mobile Market seems to specialize in such apps. Some of the apps are region-locked, so users won't always be able to download a given app based on their location. Nonetheless, non-English apps are tough to find on more traditional app stores. 1Mobile Market fills an important gap in the app store ecosystem that people don't always realize exists today.

1Mobile Market does come with a handful of issues, though. First and foremost, server performance is lackluster. The app store throws error codes and force crashes on a regular basis. App selection might be large, but the presence of malware and low quality apps is a major concern. Users that dislike push notifications will want to avoid installing 1Mobile Market because the app tosses push notifications out every day. For the best results, users need to exercise caution and care when using this app store.

In the end, 1Mobile Market is an excellent option as an app store for certain types of users. Anyone that needs foreign language apps or niche apps not found in Google Play should check out this alternative. A little extra caution should be exercised while browsing this app store to avoid potential problems. For the most part, 1Mobile Market provides a little something for every potential user. It's not the perfect alternative to the Google Play Store, though.


  • A large selection of apps available to users
  • Support for numerous Chinese-language apps
  • Makes it easy to find apps that might not exist in other app stores


  • App sends out a ton of push notifications on a daily basis
  • Servers behind the store sometimes fail to connect
  • Noticeable lack of quality with certain apps; malware a possible concern

This is an app that you want to keep on hand so that it's easy to find the games and other things that you enjoy with your phone.

From games to books, you can find a bit of everything using 1Mobile Market. It can be compared to a large store where you can find everything from clothing to accessories but in the form of apps that you can download. The interface is easy to grasp. The icons are designed with bold colors. Search through the numerous apps that are available based on the category that you're looking for or a specific name.

You can download social media apps and those that can be used for sending and receiving emails and private messages. Apps found in the store are free to download, so you don't ever have to worry about paying for something that you enjoy or that you think you might want to try. View lists to find apps that are catered to the things that you search for online as 1Mobile Market will tailor your experience so that it's unique to what you enjoy. There are new apps to try each week. If you don't like something that you download, you can easily uninstall it so that you can find something else. Keep in mind that there are some apps that do take up a significant amount of space on the device, so you might want to have a memory card on hand before you get started.


  • Numerous free apps
  • Lists based on what you like
  • New apps each week


  • Some apps take up a bit of storage
  • Most apps are games

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